What we do!

Pied Piper Puppets is a donation based collective of New York artists and fabricators from all walks of life. We work professionally in many different fields of the arts, and gift our time to share our love of puppets and DIY culture. We focus on repurposing recycled materials and telling stories through making. We aim to create an individual experience for every person who attends our workshops or classes, with the hope that the learning doesn’t stop there. Knowledge is a gift and we believe deeply in the generous spirit of art and craft.

Who we are!

Heather Rose Piper


Born in LA: Lived Midwest: Schooled in Chicago: NYC hustling


My love of everything handmade has lead me down many avenues of creative expression from stop motion animation, puppet theater, papercraft and more. Inspiration is born from many places, be it world travel and indigenous artwork, mythology, folklore, science fiction and sequential art forms. We live in an age of waste and mass production, planned obsolescence and expiration dates. I seek to reuse materials such as cardboard, paper, found objects and recycling in my personal work.



Pied Piper Ship of Fools

Andy Aidekman

Born in NJ: Lived in NJ: Schooled in Upstate NY: NYC hustling


Profile: I have worked as a creative in film and TV, illustration, commercial photography, and social media for over seven years. I can clearly communicate a brand’s identity through photography and video production. I am eager to tackle new challenges and confident in my ability to produce results. My goal is to become a go-to for impeccable taste in a wide variety of aesthetic applications.