Shoebox Theater - Making Spaces


Bring your own box, if you got one! Doesn’t need to be a shoe box, but something not too big and not too small. This is a cardboard crafting workshop on transforming spaces into magical places! Make the ordinary extraordinary using simple folding paper techniques and other easy to use recycled materials.

Paper Puppets and Playing with Shadows


Never underestimate the power of the 2nd Dimension! In this class we cover beginner techniques for making paper puppets and learn about their wonderful cultural history. We play with light and learn how shapes and movement work together to make dynamic puppet experiences.


Extra resources required: lamps and a clean white wall or background to project silhouettes onto.

Micro and the Macro - World Building


Let’s look at the big picture, then the really really little picture! What would a nebula or a microscopic organism look like at human scale? Could we give a celestial body a personality and can amoebas fall in love? Our world is fascinating on all levels! Together we make puppets using recycled materials to explore the abstract.


Extra resources required: A projector for digital slideshow presentation

Puppet Freestyle! BYOBM Bring Your Own Building Materials


The Freestyle class is an open day to explore all types of puppet techniques! Bring a material to work with, like a box or some cardboard paper tubes, and we can make something amazing! Got some googly eyes? Perfect! Or a favorite feather? Deli cups taking over your kitchen? Make them into puppets!

Mini Adventures! Storytelling with Characters

Telling a good story is hard work! In this class we explore some of the basic building blocks to making a narrative and create characters. Each participant is encouraged to make a puppet, and through that puppet we go on an a Hero’s Journey to discover, or connect with a goal.

What You Should Know


This series of classes looks to focus on reusable resources and easy to access recyclable materials. Students and volunteers are encouraged to bring materials from home, but we provide everything that you would need to make your puppet great! We have tables and extension cables, but are open to using resources provided at the location as well.


Warning! We use hot glue and scissors! A professional puppet person will operate said tools for children under the age of 10, or anyone who does not feel comfortable. The health and safety of all makers is our number 1 priority! For outdoor classes, we will be located in shady spots and near locations with public restrooms, access to a power source,  and access to water.


Pricing and Quotes

Please contact directly with your inquiries! We will come up with the perfect price for your event.


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